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Magic of Artistry Group
Valeria Kivshar
Flowers are used to express emotions and convey messages from ancient times. Valeria has always been connected with flowers, starting with early childhood and ending with her work as a professional botanist and more recent experience as a pioneering florist.

Valeria is fascinated by a world of plants - large or almost invisible, silky soft or prickly armoured, garden  favourites or unwanted weeds, fragrant classics or extravagant and exotic. This endless love led her to the creation of her collection of brooches "Fashion Flowers". Valeria uses the finest Japanese beads to unite floral designs and art to showcase the beauty of flowers. Now you can discover this for yourself and enjoy a journey through colours, shapes and patterns.
Click on the images to go to a sample gallery of Galina's work. Click on the arrows left and right to view the whole gallery
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