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NatureArt Lab
Learn - Be Inspired - Love Your Art
About NatureArt Lab:

NatureArt Lab offers unique opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people and be immersed in a range of nature-inspired art courses inspired by nature as well as a series of specialised educational nature immersion experiences to Australian and international destinations for artists and photographers.

NatureArt Lab is the 2022 state winner and national finalist for Promoting Sustainability in the Telstra Best of Business Awards. This social enterprise was also a state finalist in three other categories in the ACT for Building Communities, Championing Health and Accelerating Women.

Julia and her team of experienced tutors are committed to teaching students about the environment and why connecting with it is so important, whilst supporting the creative learning journey with expert instruction and guidance.

Students can learn to use watercolour, coloured pencils, ink, pen, photography and much more as well as being captivated with science and nature studies and the diversity of flora and fauna in our environment.

From local nature reserves and national parks to travelling to renowned nature-rich global destinations, NatureArt Lab provides opportunities for students to explore and engage with the natural world.

Located in a fully equipped art-science space at M16 Artspace, Canberra, and with programs in Queensland, the Blue Mountains region and NSW south coast to be launched soon, NatureArt Lab looks towards nature to inspire teachings and creative outputs.

For more information about NatureArt Lab, please visit: and follow @natureart_lab.

To discover more, visit: and follow NatureArt Lab on Instagram and Facebook.

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