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ConneXus Group - 2022 Exhibition
ConneXus Background

 In 2012 a group of people previously unknown to each other chose to exercise their passion for art by becoming guides at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA). These people quickly coalesced into a strongly bonded group held together by a thread of the love of art. Their passion is grounded by constantly engaging the community with the national collection as they continue their art practice.

The ConneXus group of artists are Keith Bailey, Lex Beardsell, Alan Howard, Ian Robertson, Jane Styles, Marilyn Stretton and Dianne Webb.

The Together Again exhibition covers a wide variety of practices, including textiles, ceramics, linocut watercolour, ink on paper, watercolour on paper, oil on paper and acrylic on canvas board.

Previous ConneXus group exhibitions include:

May 2017       Together Apart   M16 Artspace;             February 2018       Evolving    M16 Artspace;

September 2019       SurroundUs    M16 Artspace

To see a Gallery of the artwork here click on one piece and view them all.

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