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Exhibition Dates:

Thursday 23 February 2023 to Sunday 26 February 2023

Thursday 2 March 2023 to Sunday 5 March 2023

10am - 4pm daily - Entry is Free


Click on the Buttons below to learn about the artists and their work.

'The Magic of Artistry group is delighted to present their new collection of artworks at the Old Barn Gallery in February-March 2023. ‘In Harmony with Nature’ exhibition is a tribute to the group members’ passion for nature and desire to share its beauty with others.


The Magic of Artistry group was formed in May 2022 by four artists: Irina Bastrakova, Elena Bozhko-Marshall, Galina Amelina and Yuri Amelin. Each of the group members has brought their own unique style of art including painting on canvas, photography, ceramics and semi-precious stones art.


The success of their first exhibition held in August 2022 at the Old Barn Galley has inspired the group artists to continue exploring nature and capturing it in their individual unique ways.'

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